About Us

At faction, we help extraordinary companies discover and craft meaningful growth through Strategy + Innovation + Design. We believe that all strategic decisions — be they operational or creative – must always follow the data. Without exception, the best and most rewarding outcomes are produced by the insightful gathering and processing of vital information provided by the marketplace. Diligently examining everything from feedback solicited during design and development to engagement metrics tracked within digital products to the parsing of financial metrics consistently reveals the best path to follow.

faction employs world-class expertise focused on the strategic deployment of advanced collection tools, the insightful analysis of all resulting data, and the philosophy, design, and execution of interactive visual storytelling. As senior management continues to drive adoption and core metric expansion, faction will perform a deep dive on the existing data repositories while collaborating with leadership to confirm present operating assumptions, to inform potential adjustments to products, customers, or markets, and to create a data story so visually and narratively compelling as to galvanize enthusiasm for institutional investment both inside and outside of your business.

Our Capabilities